The Third Division of Administrative Litigation of the Supreme Court has notified that the sentence won by the SIPOL-CV to the City of Valencia on our Danger is already firm, so there is no longer any legal impediment to delaying the collection of our Danger.

         We remind you that in September 2016 the SIPOL-CV won an Administrative Contentious in the Court No. 7 of Valencia on the collection of 1,750 € for Police and Firefighter, plus interest for delay, for the payment of our Danger, where the City Council Valencia, with the support of the trade unions represented at the General Committee, decided to deprive all police officers and firefighters of a LEGAL, TEMPORAL and MORAL economic right that belongs to each one of us.

         Although there was no recourse to this judgment, the City Council of Valencia presents a Remedy of Cassation in the Supreme Court with the sole purpose of delaying the collection of our Danger, not being admitted this Appeal of Cassation in the Supreme Court in July 2017.

Having regard to the Order of the Administrative Court No. 7 of Valencia, May 2017, where ORDERING the execution of the payment of our Danger in the non-extendable period of 1 month, under the warning of Economic, Patrimonial and / or Penal Responsibility of the Authorities or Officials responsible for the breach of this judgment, and in view of the Due Diligence of the Sentence Signature in September 2017, in the SIPOL-CV we are going to give the term for the payment of our 1,750 € plus interest of delay until October 30, 2017.

  It is our money and that of our families and we will defend it until the end. And it is up to us all the police and firefighters in force, and all those police and firefighters who have REALLY retired from January 1st, 2011 until now, despite the efforts of the Department of Personnel and the unions with representation in Mesa General so that we do not cover it. Because this has been dictated by a court.

          All this is why we REQUESTED ALL SOCIAL SLUCES REPLACED from January 1st, 2011 until now, and who want to charge the proportional part of their Danger, that they contact the SIPOL-CV to initiate the procedures and, of course, FREE OF CHARGE FOR ALL RETIRED SHAREHOLDERS, whether or not affiliated with SIPOL-CV.
          For the rest of the active partners, we will exhaust the deadlines and soon we will indicate the procedures to follow in order to be able to recover our Danger.