We are informed that from the Local Police Delegation and the PLV Headquarters, an attempt is being made to standardize on the uniformity of the unit of "recent" UMA creation. More specifically, it is intended to provide only protective helmet for when they serve by bicycle.

        We expect from the SIPOL-CV, that this is just a rumor, and that it is not the intention of our leaders that the components of the Environment Unit patrol with the bikes, so fashionable with this government, with the uniform habitual.
        We understand that it would be a ruin, of the usual I want and I can not, in this case is the I do not want and do not want, the mates had to be 7 hours on a bicycle without the corresponding equipment (pants with protection, shoes fit for that purpose, adequate clothing, etc.), which includes the decree of uniformity of the Generalitat.
        We can not understand, that they have not even raised such a circumstance, since it pretends to be a star project of this Delegation, and the intention, apparently, is that it continues working as if we were in a banana republic.
        The SIPOL-CV can not allow such an extreme so we will consider filing a complaint in both Labor Health and in the Courts, if necessary.
        We remember that we are talking about a tiny amount of money from the annual uniformity budget, so there is no economic excuse, it is only political will.
        This union, SIPOL-CV, will be attentive to the movements that take place to such an extreme, sending the comrades to report any incidents.